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18 06 2013

Now I can drive, me and the dogs are having great fun exploring new places and visiting our favourites more often. I will have been driving for 6 months at the end of June, and I honestly cannot imagine my life without my car now! It really has just made my whole life so much easier. I can get to work more easily, I can get to dog shows without worry of finding someone who will take me and I can go for dog walks anywhere I like! It’s just brilliant.

So, I thought id share some photos from the past few months. I’ve had a backlog on my camera for a while due to the fact my computer has been a bit full of photos… which meant I couldn’t upload anymore. Finally I brought some discs and got rid of a whole bunch of old photos to make way for the new :).

So enjoy!

ImageKez and Ernie enjoying a lovely sunny walk along the famous white cliffs of Dover.


Kez and Ernie on top of the hills in one of the surrounding villages nearby.


Kez and Ernie in the nearby abbey, its absolutely beautiful there with a huge lake and streams.


A mummy swan with her babies at the abbey, aren’t they just adorable? Considering the bad lighting as this was taken in the evening, I’m super pleased with this shot :).


Kezzy was fascinated by them :).


There were these lovely baby Coots with there mum as well :).


During the time I was dog-sitting lovely Fudge (see previous post) I spent lots of time sitting in my nans garden photographing birds. Her garden backs onto fields, and she gets a huge variety of birds :). Love this shot of a lovely female blackbird.


A very sweet little Sparrow :).


A Dunnock :).


The Blue Tits were the most fun to photograph, they are so fast and have so much character! I had to be quick to capture them before they were off again. This is my favourite shot as its as if he’s trying to tell me something ;).


A very handsome male chaffinch :).

Sorry about the lack of Indi photos, I obviously have to be careful where I take him because of his reactivity. What with the lack of sun we’ve had, I havent really had a chance to get any good photos of him on his walks ;). Hopefully once we have some proper summer weather I’ll be able to make up for it!

Anyway, I hope you like them and please do leave feedback :).



One response

8 07 2013

Some superb catches here, April….love the dogs near the Abbey. I thought the blackbird was a song-thrush, though, as they have the speckled bellies. I love chaffinches and never see them here. I’d invest in an external hard-drive for your photos. They’re quite reasonable these days. I keep all mine on one and it is handbag-size so I’ll never lose all my pictures if I have a fire or something.

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